SHR GROUP INC. provides full range of services involving an exterior building envelope repairs and maintenance, for both commercial and residential properties, various buildings type, scale, ranging from the historic landmark buildings to modern structures.
We can provide a specialized repairs for variety of building materials, including brick, stone, terra cotta, concrete, cast iron, sheet metal, glazing, integrated with installation of waterproofing required by the work.

Our services include:
  1. Local Law 11 Inspections and Repairs.
  2. Masonry and concrete repairs, reconstruction.
  3. Historic restoration (various building materials).
  4. Balcony repairs, railings.
  5. Structural steel repairs, replacement.
  6. Curtain wall repairs.
  7. Window/door repairs.
  8. Waterproofing required by each repair item.
  9. Installation of associated scaffolding (owed or rented).