SHR GROUP INC. provides variety of waterproofing services for both existing and new buildings, involving installation of waterproof membranes at the building roofs, terraces, balconies, mechanical floors, sidewalk vaults, plazas.
We are certified for variety of the roofing materials, such as Kemper Systems (fluid applied), Siplast (torch applied, cold adhesive, fluid applied), TQ3 (spray applied).
We can perform a special roofing services, as encapsulation, roofing replacement involving asbestos abatement and temporary roof protection. Simultaneously, we can provide repairs to the associated building structures, as parapet replacement, roof bulkhead repairs, skylight repairs and replacement, installation of the roof insulation and pavers, railings, drainage.

Our services include:
  1. Roofing replacement.
  2. Terrace and balcony waterproofing.
  3. Green roofs.
  4. Plazas and planter waterproofing.